Winnebago Volkswagen Rialta

Luxury, class and a little bit of sophistication all go into the Winnebago Volkswagen Rialta. It is one of the top selling RV's because it has a stunning appearance and easy maneuverability. They have one of the most affordable sticker prices on comparable motor homes on the market, making them a great choice for a family vehicle.

The Rialtas are 22 feet long, which means they can easily fit into a standard parking space. Taking great vehicle on trips that is easily able to get in and out of tight spaces is important. They are known for their great fuel economy. Everyone is concerned about the gas prices, but driving this motor home across country will not break the bank. This RV gets 18 mpg. that is similar to most vans or larger vehicles.

Comfort is what this RV is known for; try 2 AC's in the dash and one in the ceiling to keep the entire family cool. The standard version has a queen size bed comfortably sleeps two. Need extra room for clothes and luggage, the large close will neatly tuck away all storage items. Have hot water on demand with the built in tank. Take warm showers with the outdoor shower attachment. They come equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and three burner stove so cooking is no problem on trips.

For a retired couple who wants to travel around the country or a small family the Winnebago Volkswagen Rialta is the perfect vehicle. It is one of the best-selling motor homes and one test drive and the customer will see why.

winnebago volkswagen rialta