Winnebago View 2007

The 2007 Winnebago View: New 23B

We've always been big fans of very small RVs.  Small RVs allow you to go where a large RVs are just impossible to drive.  And with a small RV, you don't have to bother with towing another car or with renting a car at your destination.  Also, you don't have to bother with public transportation when you reach your destination.  The problem of course the small RVs, is that they typically aren't large enough for a family to travel in.  When we say small in this case were talking about really small (less than 24 feet).

Winnebago in 2007 is addressing these problems with the new Winnebago View.  New in 2007 is a Winnebago view 23B. This remarkable new small RV has bunk beds in the sleeping area. For a 23 foot RV it sleeps up to four are even six comfortably.

The new Winnebago deal also has a remarkable amount of storage both inside and out. And it makes traveling more affordable than ever in an RV, because it did gets 17 to 19 miles per gallon.

vw-ext.jpgThe remarkable thing about the storage, is that there's a large pass through storage is available under the bunk bed that you can access from either inside or outside the RV.

The limit Winnebago View has several decor options. These include olive tree, Durango Denham, stone fence, and Woods. In other words, the Winnebago View allows you to choose from three fabric selections and to wood cabinet selections.

Winnebago continues to innovate with its special features such as QuickPort, which is a special connection hatch that replaces hard to use server compartment access holes and keeps your water hoses and power cords organized easily. One remarkable thing about the QuickPort, is it allows you to close the bay door even with your hookups connected!

Winnebago continues to offer such options as Sirius radio. Sirius satellite radio allows you to access over 120 channels of digital sound no matter where you are in North America. Although the Sirius radio is an option on the View, if you choose the option, Winnebago pre-pays for a six-month trial subscription. That way, you don't have any subscription fees to pay for six months.

The Winnebago View continues to come standard with a Mercedes-Benz five cylinder turbo diesel engine. This engine gives you German engineered performance and works seamlessly with its five speed automatic transmission. The View continues its great drivability with its incredibly tight turning radius. The view is only 23'5" long. It sports an interior height of 6'8" and interior width of 7'3". Its wheelbase is 159 inches. It comes with the trailer hitch which has a 3500 pound drawbar with a 350 pounds maximum for to tongue weight in a six pin wiring connector.

winnebago view