Winnebago 2006 RVs

New Winnebagos for 2006


Long known for its VW-engine based Rialta model of small RVs, Winnebago has introduced two exciting new models in the past several years, the Winnebago Aspect and the Winnebago View.


The all new Winnebago Aspect is only one of the interesting new small RVs hitting the market.

The Winnebago View is noteable for its clean aerodynamic lines and its Mercedes diesel engine.

The Winnebago models have fitting names. Sightseer, Voyage, Adventurer, Journey, Tour, etc are just some of the descriptive words to describe what you will be doing once you ride in the new 2006 Winnebago. This RV will take you all over the countryside, but make you feel like you never stepped foot outside of your own home. These Winnebagos were designed for comfort, and attention has been paid to making these the most comfortable RV rides on the market today.

Some of the features of the 2006 Winnebagos include a flat screen TV (for those serious campers), extra living room space, and slide out storage. There are too many features to name on the 2006 Winnebago models. You'd have to see them with your own eyes to believe just how many features Winnebago has been able to incorporate into their 2006 models.


Winnebago is one of the most well known RV manufacturers in the world. In order to stay competitive, they must constantly keep their styles ahead of the pack. The new 2006 Winnebago models do just that, by providing unprecedented style and comfort on the road.

The New 2006 Winnebagos will take your breath away. It is amazing what mankind has been able to put on moving vehicles. The 2006 Winnebagos are no exception. Everything you ever dreamed is possible in the new 2006 Winnebago models. The designers of these great RVs have managed to put a lot of living and comfort in a small space.