Fourwinds Freedom Elite 2010

FREEDOMRD_4385796_1Fourwinds Freedom Elite 2010 is one of the best choices of recreational vehicles on the market right now. It includes everything you need to be right at home on the road, at a campsite, or even in your own backyard! From the roof, to the flooring of the bathroom floor, everything is constructed to last through all types of road conditions and weather, and any type of family. Whether you want to take a family of five on a road trip across the country to see the sights of the nation, or you want to take your spouse for a romantic weekend getaway weekend at a secluded campground, this RV is perfect for anyone.


This RV can boast top features such as oil rubbed bronze hardware, an outside shower, a six gallon gas/electric water heater, portable tables, a skylight with shade in the living room, slide out battery tray, soft touch vinyl ceiling, or even a select comfort air mattress.

One of my favorite features is the option to include a 26 inch LCD TV on an electric swivel. When you are traveling on the road with children, a TV is a must. Not only does it occupy the children, but it allows the adults to have some much needed quiet time to enjoy the smooth ride of a long trip in the comfort of this luxuious recreational vehicle.


The price is one of the best things about this RV. No matter if you buy this vehicle used or brand new, you are almost certain to get a great deal. While comparable RVs sell for over a hundred thousand dollars, you can usually find this RV for well under a hundred thousand dollars. With times as tough as they are in this economy, saving a few thousand dollars on something is saving a fortune. For all of the features that this vehicle has, the price cannot be beat. It is absolutely one of the best deals you will ever find on an RV.


The Fourwinds Freedom Elite gives you the freedom to really take advantage of all the world has to offer. While you explore whatever part of the country your heart desires, you will be doing so in the comfort of your own home. You have the freedom to just enjoy life, kick back, and take everything in. This RV really brings home the bacon and is everything you could ever want in a recreational vehicle. Besides being one of the safest RVs on the market, it is also one of the most comfortable.

All in all, you can't go wrong with the 2010 Fourwinds Freedom Elite. It has top features, a low price, and can offer you the freedom to explore your dreams of traveling wherever you want, all while being safe.