Dutchmen Classic Travel Trailers

As an avid RVer, I place high demands on my travel trailers. They should have modern styling, all of the conveniences, tow well, and work for me and my family. There are so many choices to make today for travel trailers, and the Dutchmen Classic line is worthy of your consideration.Dutchmen is primarily an entry level travel trailer manufacturer. But don't let that entry level status scare you off! The have plenty of features for everyone. The classic is their traditional brand.

For families like mine, with more than two children, Dutchman offers the 317QBDS model, which is a quad bunk house. It offers a queen bed in the front. The quad bunk houses have become a more common floor plan recently, as even families with only two children are finding that each of their kids wants to bring a friend along. Up in the front of the trailer is an RV queen bed for Mom and Dad to have their own getaway. A center living room and kitchen round out the living space, complete with a super slide. The dinette is an oversize "U" shape, which, like the quad bunks, is another feature that has become more common with RVs. The bathroom sits to the rear, between the bunkhouse and the kitchen.

Dutchmen offers two regular dual bunk units with the bunks on a slide. This is in addition to the super slide in the main living area, giving these trailers two slides. The 315BHDS model has the bunks in a slide in the left rear of the trailer. This allows a completely separate living area, complete with a dinette, refrigerator, and sink. An overhead foldout bunk sits atop the dinette, and the dinette makes into a bed as well, giving four sleeping positions. The other features are similar to the 317QBDS model.

The other dual bunk with a slide, the 305BHDS, has the bunks to the right rear of the trailer. The bathroom is on the left rear, and a deluxe TV cabinet is there as well. The front features the same queen bed, center kitchen, U-shaped dinette, and super slide of the other models.

The 265BHS has dual bunks without a slide, and a rear bathroom. The fact that it only has the center super slide makes it a bit smaller and lighter.

A rear bathroom (276RBS) with a super slide model, and the 277RLS round out the bunk-less adult models, with the latter's floor-plan resembling a high end fifth wheel trailer's floor-plan. This model features a rear living room with dual recliners, center kitchen, and front master bedroom/bathroom setup. These are definitely great for adults only, or for the people who bring the grand kids with them from time to time.

These trailers are definitely built with all of the comforts of home in mind. Solid oak cabinet doors, entertainment centers, and power awnings are amongst the standard features. The unloaded weights are anywhere from 6200 pounds at the lightest, and 7800 pounds at the heaviest. The lighter model is probably at the top end of what you want to tow with a half ton truck or SUV, while the heavier ones definitely want a 3/4 ton truck or SUV.

With all of these features, and a build quality to match, Dutchmen is definitely a travel trailer worth checking out, for all of your RVing wants and needs! Call your Dutchmen dealer today to arrange a personalized tour.

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