Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

Wherever you go on the road in America, you will see them. They have a distinctive look, the sleek, silver aluminum sides, rounded edges, or should I say lack of edges. Sliding down the road, with seemingly no resistance met by the wind and air. They are Airstream travel trailers.No other brand of travel trailer compares to their quality. It is not uncommon to see airstream trailers still on the road from the sixties, or even the fifties, long after most other trailers from that era have made their way to the junk yard.

They have done it again, with their sport line. Whereas Airstream has always had a reputation for well built, but heavy trailers, they have crossed the line into well built, and lightweight trailers, for those who don't need as much space.

The Airstream sport product line is punctuated by three models, ranging in length from sixteen to just a bit over twenty one feet. One of the models is eight feet wide on the outside, with the other two being just a bit shy of seven feet four inches. The exterior heights of all three models are right around nine feet. These sizes seem small compared to today's mega-units, but remember, weight is not the only specification that affects towing ability. The relatively short height, and narrow width reduce the air drag on the trailer by quite a bit. Given the fact that these are Airstreams, which are very aerodynamic to start with, means that this sport line is going to tow even better. They claim that they can be towed by most small trucks and small sport utility vehicles, and even some passenger cars. With gross vehicle weights between thirty five hundred and forty five hundred pounds, this should certainly be true.

The Airstream sport line appears to be made for two people to travel ideally. They claim that one of the models sleeps up to five. Two of the models are equipped with double beds, as well as convertible dinettes. The smallest model is equipped with a "wet bath," where the toilet is located in the shower. The other two models do have separate full baths. The larger two models with the full baths have separate black and gray water tanks, with capacities of eighteen and twenty four gallons respectively. The smaller unit with the wet bath has a combined gray/black tank capacity of twenty one gallons. These sizes are certainly fine for staying at a campground with full hookups, or full facilities that you can use, but they might be a bit small for an extended period of dry camping. The same holds true with fresh water capacity at 20 and 23 gallons.

The interior build, even for these small units, is definitely Airstream! Appliances and all interior fixtures are of the finest quality. They are definitely worth checking out! Four different interior color schemes are available.

For small families who want to RV, but don't want to settle for a pop-up, or a lower quality light weigh trailer, should definitely check out the Airstream Sport travel trailer.

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