Thor Industries RVs

Thor_Industries_logoA manufacturer of not only recreational vehicles but also buses, Thor Industries has become the world's largest RV manufacturer in recent years.  Based out of Elkhart, Indiana known as the "RV capitol of the world", as it headquarters many recreational vehicle companies.

The Thor Industries logo isn't found on many of their lines, as the company has been careful to maintain the individual brands of the companies that they have acquired over the years.  Thor began by acquiring Airstream in 1980, followed closely by the General Coach and Thor America.  Throughout the 90's this trend of acquiring other recreational vehicle companies continued, with Thor absorbing Dutchmen, Four Winds International, Komfort, and Skamper.  In more recent years, Thor absorbed Keystone, Damon, and CrossRoads.  Though Thor Industries isn't as synonymous with "recreational vehicles" to non-RV owners as Winnebago is, Thor is nevertheless the current market leader.

With dozens of models over many individual brands, Thor has an RV for just about anyone, from the cost-conscious Class C RVer to the dedicated Class A owner.  Thor has also made a definite effort to retain the individual flavor of their brands, retaining the individual strengths that these brands bring to create a stronger whole.