Taking Pets Along in Your RV

More and more family RV vacations have begun including pets. There are some simple tips to follow to make your pet RV experience one you will all enjoy.

Safety should always be the number one priority. A pet loose in an RV is very dangerous for two reasons. First, they can distract the driver. Second, they become flying bullets if brakes are applied quickly. Keeping the pet in a secure place, like a kennel, will provide safety for everyone aboard. This kennel can also be a cozy place for a pet to spend the night.

When traveling in an RV, pets may become overexcited with the new sites and smells at your destination. Make sure your RV becomes a place for your pet to relax. Bring blankets from home for a reassuring smell, and always keep food and water bowls in the same place for consistency.

Make sure your pet is leashed when you stop your RV and let them out for a bathroom break or just simply for a break. Never let your pet out unattended. Sadly,a number of pets are lost every year by RVers letting them wander, when there is a new area to explore, most pets will do just that and sometimes meet with tragedy or simply get lost.

Ease your pet into a long RV trip. Start by taking short, one night RV stays. Getting your pet adjusted to RV life slowly will pay off in the long run.

Following these simple tips will make your time on the road with your furry friends in tow a good one.