Safe RV Driving Tips

Driving an RV is somewhat different then driving a regular car. It is important to understand the differences of driving an RV as opposed to your car for safety reasons. There are several safe driving tips to follow.

Normally the height of an RV is much taller then a regular vehicle. It is important to remember this when driving under tree branches, bridges, or service station over-hangs. A different rout may be in order for your RV.

Braking is somewhat different in an RV. An RV is a heavy vehicle, and therefore, will stop slower then a car. It is necessary for safety sake to allow more room in-between your RV and the vehicle ahead of you. It will take more distance to stop your rolling elephant.

An easily forgotten safety tip is speed. Since RVs are significantly heavier then other vehicles, the ability to pick up speed is much less. This is especially important to remember when pulling out in front of someone. Judging distance/time should be altered in your RV.

RV stands for recreational vehicle.  Don't let your recreational time turn into a disaster. Keep these RV driving safety tips in mind for your next excursion.