RV Parking

When it comes time to located a parking spot for your RV, you have many options depending upon your location and needs. Many areas, especially ones that cater to tourism, will have places that specialize in overnight parking for your vehicle. Some examples of these places are listed below:

-state parks
-national parks
-rv campgrounds
-larger cities located near major theme parks or other points of interest

Rv parking at campgrounds can be especially nice as they will often include: showers, electrical hookups, a store, water hookup and dumping areas for your used water and waste. The cost to stay at these locations is often minimal, saving you money. Finding locations with a store on the site is beneficial for finding specialty supplies that are not found many other places. RV's will often require specific kinds of toilet paper that easily breaks down in the tank which are normally carried at these sites.

If you are in a remote area, many times rest stops will have adequate parking to accommodate your RV. If you do stop at these sites for a period of time to rest, be careful when running your generator for any length of time. A good rule of thumb to remember is generally a gallon of fuel per hour of running it, so keep the time minimal.

Before you go on a vacation or other excursion, sit down and plan out areas that are friendly to RV parking and mark your route that way. State and national parks are much cheaper to stay at for parking and you can sometimes make a reservation in advance, ensuring you a spot when you need it. Pre-planning saves you hours of searching, and it is helpful to get a guide that lists RV friendly places at your local bookstore. Knowing ahead of time can make your trip more enjoyable and you can spend more time playing than searching for a place to park your RV.