Is Full Time RVing for You?

If you're asking yourself that question, then you'll find it's the first of many that will help you make a decision about adopting the RV life style full time.

So, what other things should you take into consideration if you're contemplating giving up your home and moving into your RV full time?

1. What do I do with all my current stuff?

You're going to have to make some tough decisions about
the absolute essentials you need to keep. Extra clothing
household goods and family keepsakes may all find
themselves in a yard sale, at the Salvation Arm, or in a
storage unit, if you decide to RV full time.

2. What about mail service and banking?

Commercial mail services will rent full time RVers a mail  
box and forward your mail to any current address you 
provide. Full time RVers use ATM cards and electronic
transfers to handle banking.

3. Can I RV full time with pets?

Where there's a will there's a way. Be reasonable,
keep the number down to one or two pets in the RV, and
avoid a goldfish bowl! Even Goldie will get seasick with
all the rocking.

These are just a few questions RVers should consider when thinking about moving into the RV full time. Life on the road in your RV can be just as rewarding as your old life, and RVing full time means every day is an adventure.