Basic RV Maintenance

Before taking your RV on the road, there are a few maintenance tips to be aware of. RVs require similar maintenance that a car or truck would require. There are some maintenance steps, however, that are exclusive to RVs.

It is very important when owning an RV to keep the fresh water and utility hoses separate. Using different colors is recommended. When not using the fresh water hose, connect the ends to keep tiny creatures out.

Another RV maintenance tip is roof care. Keeping your home roof in shape is no more important then your RV roof. To protect your RV roof, it is important to wash it about three or four times a year. This will keep you warm and dry for years to come. A metal roof can be cleaned with automotive wash and a rubber roof can be cleaned with mild laundry detergent. There is nothing worse then a deteriorating, leaky roof!

Battery power is extremely important in RVs. It runs absolutely everything in your RV. To make sure your batteries are in tip top shape, it is important to check the water levels about once a month.

RVs are fun vehicles, but they do require a bit of extra attention to maintenance. Following some simple maintenance tips will keep your RV in running order for as long as possible.