Small RV Living

Small RVs- Packing A Lot Of Living Into A Small Place

If there's one requirement of any small RV, it has to be space efficiency, because you are going to be packing a lot of living into a small space.

Small RVs design a lot of storage space into their interiors. Cabinets, closets and cupboards must be able to hold everything you need on a trip, because once your small RV gets rolling, anything left on the counters is going to roll with it.

Even though your small RV will have a very efficient design, you'll probably find even more ways to maximize storage space as you add more items you find you can't live without. Hooks, and under the bed containers are just some of the ways RVers stow more essentials in their small RVs.

Now, you may have to adjust your lifestyle a little if your small RV just doesn't have enough space to hold extra hobby/recreational items. Knitters, painters and croquet fanatics will usually have no problem storing their gear in a small RV. But if antiquing and rummage sales are your passion, a small RV isn't going to give you enough room to pack excess junk you pick up along the way.

Occasionally, you'll hear of someone who has done the ultimate packing job with their small RV. Managing to wedge a full size piano into a small RV gives new definition to packing a lot of living into one small space.