Small RV Travel Fun In Washington

Washington State is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful states to visit with your small RV. It has almost everything you could want or desire; gorgeous, towering mountains, active volcanoes, amazing vistas, incredible beaches, wildlife viewing and more.

A small RV is perhaps the best way to see Washington State's Olympic. Port Angeles makes a nice central jumping off point for many one day excursions on the peninsula. You will want to spend a day in Port Townsend, with its quaint, restored Victorian old town featuring countless antique shops, artist co-ops, and fine eating establishments. Another trip not to be missed is a trip to Hurricane Ridge. Leaving from Port Angeles, which is at sea level, you will snake your way up the side of the Olympic Mountains until you reach Hurricane Ridge at an elevation of 5,240 feet. To say that the vista here is breathtaking is an understatement; there are not words to describe it. Just a short hike over the hill from the Visitor's Center and you get an amazing view all the way back down into Port Angeles and across the Strait of San Juan De Fuca to Victoria, Canada. Another day trip worth the trip is the drive out to Neah Bay, the home of the Makah Indian Reservation. Driving through the Reservation you will wind your way to the Cape Flattery Trail which is a ¾ mile well groomed path featuring cedar planking and an elevated viewing platform at the end from which you can view Tatoosh Island and its lighthouse from the northwestern most point in the contiguous United States. The views and scenery along this trail are not to be missed and will leave you awestruck and speechless.

The next stop should be La Push, where you can hook up your small RV at the Quileute Lonesome Creek RV Park; the campground is right on First Beach. Washington beaches are known for their massive stone outcroppings called sea stacks that stud the coast line, giving it a unique and mystic feeling. Down the road from LaPush is the Hoh Rain Forest with its many trails and wild life viewing. One hike not to be missed is the Hall of Mosses trail, which is a .8 mile hike through some of the most lush, verdant forest you will ever see. Cedars and Spruce tower above you wearing flowing robes of vibrant green moss.