Small RV Travel Fun In Virginia

Visitors with a small RV should visit The National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Virginia. It is a 120,000 square foot structure which pays tribute to the history of the Marines. Upon entering the museum visitors will be immersed in what it means to be a Marine. The Museum features exhibits on the American Revolution, World War 1 and 2, Korean War, and the Vietnam War. There is also a special section paying tribute to the Marine Band. Guests should plan on the Museum taking a full day to visit as there is so much to look at. The exhibits are very interactive with the temperatures of the individual rooms set to imitate the temperatures faced by the Marines during the individual conflicts. The museum also has a restaurant, classrooms, theaters, and a gift shop.

Visitors with a small RV should then travel to nearby Mount Vernon, Virginia, the home of George Washington. Mount Vernon has 20 structures open to the public along with 50 acres of garden. The area is preserved as it would be in 1799. The facility also includes the tombs of George and Martha Washington. Visitors will also learn about farming n the late 1800s and slavery. Tour guides dressed in period garb will delight and educate visitors.

Visitors with a small RV will also want to visit Arlington National Cemetery. The Cemetery was created during the Revolutionary War. Visitors should make sure and visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The tomb has been continually guarded since July 2, 1937. Watching the laying of the wreath is a very emotional experience. The cemetery has over 300,000 graves with about 6,900 soldiers buried there each year. Many of the Kennedy family are buried there including President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.
While at Arlington visitors with a small RV should also visit the city itself. It is full of very historical buildings. Those of particular significance include Old Town, Christ Church, Freedom House Museum, US Patent and Trademark Museum, and two homes of Robert E. Lee.

Visitors will not be disappointed in their trip to Virginia with their small RV. History rules supreme in the area near Washington DC. Of particular interest is The National Museum of the Marine Corps, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon and many other locations. Everyone needs to visit this area at least once to learn more about history.