Small RV Travel Fun In Oregon

A person can have a great trip in a small RV. The state of Oregon is beautiful country and is green all over. There are lots of RV camps along the way, so when one gets tired it is easy to stop for the night.

Traveling along the Oregon coast is a great trip to take. It seems every time you make a turn you have beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. One would expect to see a lot of rocky shores, but there are lots of sandy beaches along the way and it is easy to stop in a small RV. The sand dunes are something to see, they are very high, taller than a 2 story building and if you can climb up them, the sliding down is great fun. A person sinks in them because they are so deep and they are miles long and just beautiful to look at.

If you drive a small RV north to south up the Columbia River, besides the beauty that is all around, visiting places like Astoria which is the first permanent settlement west of the Rockies, is very interesting. It used to be a busy port sitting at the mouth of the Columbia River. They have a home tour of Captain George Level, a carriage house and a maritime museum. Traveling another 10 miles is fort Stevens, which is now part of the Louis and Clark State Historic Parks. One can visit the barracks and see the exhibits and even put on some clothes the soldier's used to wear. There are trails to walk down with artifacts along the way, making a person feel like they are experiencing days of old.

There are many towns along the way like Seaside, which is Oregon's first Oceanfront resort and they have bumper cars, aquariums and museums, along with a fun boardwalk. There is Haystack Rock, which is 235 ft above the ocean and Cannon Beach which has upscale shops and fine restaurants. As you drive down the coast you will see Manzanita, a small seaside community. The next town is Tillamook where you can enjoy the cheese factory and have a tour of how the cheese is made.

The places to visit along the coastline are numerous, filled with beautiful scenes and fun things to do. The best way to enjoy it, is by taking your time, relaxing, enjoying the drive and do not be in a hurry, if you have time, it will be a great road trip.