Small RV Travel Fun In North Dakota

North Dakota is wide open territory. Visitors to North Dakota in a small RV can see some unusual attractions. One of those attractions is at Rugby, North Dakota. Rugby claims to be the geographical center of North America. There's only one problem. To be the geographical center means that Central America is not part of North America which we clearly know it is. The town has erected a rock monument to declare the fact. From the monument flies the US flag and the Canadian flag. The town also has the world's tallest salesman sculpture fashioned after Clifford Thompson.

Another unique tourist attraction in North Dakota is Tommy the Turtle. Tommy is 30 feet tall and is the largest turtle in the world. Tommy rides the largest snowmobilie in the world and was made by Boots Reynolds in 1978. Tommy and his snowmobile are totally made of fiberglass. Another attraction in North Dakota that those with a small RV will be sure and want to visit is the seven sculptures made by Gary Greff along the Enchanted Highway which runs from Regent to Gladstone. The largest of these is located at the Gladstone Interstate exit and is named Geese in Flight and is the world's largest outdoor sculpture. Other sculptures include Tin Family, A Covey of Pheasants, Rooster and Hen, The World's Largest Grasshopper, Deer Crossing and Fisherman's Dream. Not to be outdone, New Salem, North Dakota is home to the world's largest Holstein cow which is named Salem Sue. Sue was built in 1974 and cost $40,000. The money was raised by the local Lion's club. Visitors will also want to visit the bull at Pettibone, the buffalo at Jamestown, another turtle at Dunseith and the walleye at Garrison, and the golfer also at Garrison. Visitors will be sure to be delighted by all these sculptures.

Perhaps those with a small RV will find it time to settle down for a spell. At least, that is what the town of Hazelton, North Dakota is hoping. In 2005 they began offering families up to $20,000 and two free lots to settle in their town. Those who wanted to open up a business in Hazelton were offered three free lots and $50,000. After all when the winters get to harsh you would still have your small RV to get out of town in. Sightseeing will be a true adventure in this state.