Small RV Travel Fun In New York

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the state of New York is a major tourist attraction. Even for the residents of the state, the place has a lot to offer. Anyone who is traveling in a small RV has to cover a lot of miles before they can actually claim that they have seen most of New York. Of course everyone has their own distinct set of tastes and preferences nevertheless the small RV travel fun in New York suits all sets of preferences. A ride in this vehicle while sightseeing around is a treat that very few people would like to miss.

Those families who enjoy outdoor picnics should definitely visit Champlain Lake, which is located at the very top of New York. They can reach there via road travel in a small RV. It can be a great family trip since part of the lake is just a small distance away from the Adirondack Mountains. Also there is a town by the name of Keeseville, which is a wonderful place to visit for nature lovers. In addition to that, there is a place referred to as Ausable Charm, which offers outdoor tours. People who visit this location seek out gemstones there. Some of them even decide to stay a night or two there parking their small RV in close proximity to their surroundings. Having a camera there is highly recommended given the picturesque scenery of the place.

The highest point in New York is Mount Marcy. Although it is not possible to drive there, heading west will take the traveler to Lake Placid, which has its claim of fame enclosed in the past feat of hosting the Olympic Games. From the unfamiliar to the more familiar tourist locations, New York has a lot to offer. New York City itself is full of attractions, not to mention a visit to the Niagara Falls, followed by a tour to Albany and the Finger Lakes region, all of which are absolute sources of delight.

Needless to say, these places are wonderful to encounter as tourists travel in the small RV and continue their escapade of enjoyment. Furthermore one should also visit Boldt Castle, which is a heaven for those interested in architecture. There is also an information center near to the castle that imparts about the local events and festivals held there. Of course all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. As exciting as the travel descriptions sound, there is nothing like the real experience of encountering small RV travel fun in New York.