Small RV Travel Fun In New Mexico

Visitors with a small RV wanting to vacation in New Mexico will want to head to Albuquerque. The first stop they may want to make is Sandia Peak Tramway. It is the world's longest aerial tramway and is certainly not for the faint of heart. Visitors will enjoy the ride up the 10,000 foot Sandia Mountain. The trip is best taken at sunset. Those taking this ride will be sure to want an outside seat and have their cameras handy for the views are breathtaking
Next visitors with a small RV in New Mexico will want to visit Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. This is a unique museum formed by 19 different Pueblo Indian tribes from New Mexico and the surrounding area. Visitors will delight at seeing the numerous colorful Indian dances. They will also be able to view many historical tools and other artifacts from the time before the United States was a country. After all this, you will be sure and want to try some Indian fry bread or some other delicacy.

What vacation would be complete without some shopping fun? A great place for shopping fun is Albuquerque's Old Town. If you can't find it in the 150 shops that comprise this area you don't need it! The area has been a shopping area since 1706 and is full of hidden gems. Luckily the area also features many wonderful places to sit and rest during your shopping expedition. A specialty of the area, of course, is Southwestern art which can be obtained very cheaply often from the artist themselves. Also prominent in this area is San Felipe de Neri Church which was built in 1793 and is the oldest building in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Visitors to New Mexico with a small RV will want to visit the Petroglyph National Monument located just outside of town. This national monument is set into the beautiful canyons that surround Albuquerque. A first stop should be to the visitor's center where you can learn more information about the 24,000 drawings that you will be seeing and were communication tools for the very earliest inhabitants.

Those camping with a small RV in New Mexico will love Albuquerque. They will enjoy the ride up Sandia Peek. They will enjoy learning about the early inhabitants at the cultural center and the petroglyph monuments. Shopping can simply not get better than in the old town area.