Small RV Travel Fun In Nevada

Owning a recreational vehicle is a lot of fun for the entire family. They can take short weekend trips together while having some of the conveniences of home. One of those conveniences is being able to Cook their own meals. It can save a lot of money while they are traveling. Best of all, there are no expensive motel bills to pay. The RV parks cost a fraction of the price of a motel and they are loaded with amenities too. Now, the people that live in Nevada are especially lucky if they own a small RV camper. This is because they have tons of things to do and to see in their state.

Take for instance, the Hoover Dam. This massive structure not only supplies water to more then 20 million people in the surrounding area, but it also supplies 4 billion kilowatt hours per year in hydroelectric power. This is enough electricity for over a million homes and businesses. This wonderful destination spot makes the perfect place for a family outing. It is rich in Nevada history and the area has numerous RV parks made just for families with a small RV camper. Furthermore, there are also some famous family style restaurants in town. The most famous is Joe's Crack Shack.

Another place the family can take their small RV in Nevada is to the Red Rock Canyon. There are several tours packages the family can choose while staying at the Canyon. On any of these tours, they will get to see wild rabbits, very large squirrels and even some big horn sheep. The indigenous plant life there will astound even the most avid gardener. This is why the scenery is described as magnificent and the atmosphere is said to be both calm and relaxing at the Canyon. The town itself features dozens of local shops and eateries. Any of them are sure to please the entire crew's taste pallet during their visit. However, keep in mind the rattlesnakes are numerous in the area so stick to the main camping trails.

Another great place for the family to go with a small RV is Gold Point Nevada. This was one of the most famous gold mining towns in America and has been the focal point in dozens of movies and books throughout the years. Today however, it is a friendly tourist spot for those with a love of history. With so many places like this in their own back yard, a family can have small RV travel fun in Nevada every year.