Small RV Travel Fun In Nebraska

Campers with a small RV in Nebraska will want to consider a trip to Omaha. Visitors will want to make sure to visit the Henry Doorly zoo featuring the largest indoor desert called the Dome Desert. It is made of 1760 acrylic panels of four different colors to get the light just right. The dome which opened in 2002 features three different deserts. The first featured desert is the Namib Desert of south Africa which scientists believe to be the world's oldest and most varied desert in the world. Animals that call this area home include the rock hyraxes, cape cobra, Inland taipan, klipspringers, and meerkats. The second desert that is featured in the desert is the Red Desert of Australia. Here rock wallabies have the run of the place and campers with a small RV will delight at their antics. The third desert that is featured is the Sonoran Desert featuring seven species of rattlesnakes. Campers should also look for the sun room at the very end of the Dome Desert where visitors can see many new baby reptiles from around the world.

Campers with a small RV while visiting the zoo in Omaha, Nebraska will enjoy the largest cat house in North America which can hold 100 cats. The zoo has long been recognized as a leader in the preservation of tigers and currently has tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards and pumas.

Visitors will also enjoy visiting the world's largest nocturnal exhibit called the Kingdoms of the Night. Visitors enter into the building through a canyon area where naked mole rats, fossa and cacomistle are located. Next visitors will enter Africa to view aardvarks, springhaas and bush babies. Then visitors will enter the wet cave which is home to the zoo's blind cave fish. This zoo in Nebraska is one of only six zoos in the US to have Japanese giant salamanders which are also found here. Leaving the wet cave visitors will enter the Eucalyptus Forest with its Parma wallabies, frogmouths, crocodiles, turtles, and numerous fish. Next visitors will enter the dry bat cave to see many different species of bats. Then visitors will exit the Kingdoms of the Night exhibit to enter the world's largest indoor swamp which is home to beaver, alligators, and other animals.

After visiting the zoo in Nebraska campers will be very glad to see their small RV and a time of rest.