Small RV Travel Fun In Montana

Who has not wondered, while sitting in a cubby hole of an office, how wonderful it would be to just get up from that desk, don't even look back and start traveling? It is pretty much just about every office worker's dream come true. For the lucky folks that have made this dream into a reality, Montana is one of those magical placers that are a must see. This is specially true for anyone traveling in a small RV. If picturesque wonders is what you seek, there is no better place to find it. It is not called the "Big sky Country" and the "Land of the Shining Mountains" for nothing.

In our modern world sometimes it seems that no matter where you go there are always crowds. However, this will not happen when traveling in your small RV to Montana. The reason is that it has the third lowest population rate in the United States. It is the home of the most spectacular national sites in the world; Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Glacier National Park is a national treasure because it is one of the very last places that still have grizzly bears and mountain goats, as well as more exotic species such as lynx and wolverine. The park is best seen on a small RV for comfort. There are many places to park for the evening. There are many ecosystems in the park such as tundra and forests of hemlock and red cedar.

Yellowstone National Park with the twenty million acres is as close to heaven as anyone can be while still here on earth. The Grand Teton National Park,with the great wilderness and ecosystems is enough reason to visit Montana. There are over one thousand seven hundred tree species, not including more than one hundred seventy tree species that are exotic. Anyone traveling in a small RV will never have a problem finding one of the many RV parks in Montana. Many websites online have traveler reviews of the countless RV parks. It is a good idea to plan ahead before traveling on the small RV. Most online sites will further break down the search into campground names, the region that you are looking into, reviews of the travelers and if available, the campsite's website address. There are countless places to visit in Montana and you will never end up wishing that you were sitting back in that office.