Small RV Travel Fun In Maryland

Small RV travel in Maryland is not what you expect. Whenever one thinks of Maryland Baltimore is the first place that comes to mind. There is so much more to this quaint state that is usually hidden from view. There is a ton of beautiful nature and wonderful state parks untouched by the masses. There are numerous convenient RV hookups as you make your way through Maryland. There are some very old towns with charming cobblestone streets and wonderful local eateries and gift shops. Some of the restaurants are very famous for their crab cakes, so don't forget to give these a try.

Maryland is also known to have some of the best local artists in the country. While on your small RV travels around the state, do not miss the small galleries dotting the cities and towns you go through. Do not forget to stop in at the many local museums to learn fun and interesting facts about Maryland's rich history, especially when it comes to the Civil War. There are numerous museums that the kids will love, especially in Baltimore. Of course the kids will also love the National Aquarium there, as well.

There are numerous opportunities for those who like outdoor activities in Maryland. There are tons of places to hike and backpack, or maybe canoe down a stream or on a lake. There is an authentic train from the 1920s which has an excellent dining car that needs to be experienced for its excellent food.

One of the most famous and awesome experiences in Maryland are its beaches. Ocean City is a great place to take the kids, and it also boasts an excellent nightlife experience for the adults. There is an extensive amusement park for the children to enjoy, as well as swimming, jet skiing, para sailing, and much more. There is always live music playing at night here, as well. There are numerous small RV sites that are very affordable in the area.

The experiences that you find in Maryland are very diverse; there is something for everyone to enjoy on their small RV trek through the state. From the big city attractions of Baltimore to the beaches of Ocean City to the numerous small towns all across the state, Maryland is a state that you will never forget. Traveling by small RV will also make the experience that much more relaxing and stress-free.