Small RV Travel Fun In Iowa

Visitors with a small RV will not be disappointed in a visit to the Iowa State Fair. Whatever interest you, you will find it at this fair held each year in middle August on 445 acres in downtown Des Moines. Each year at the fair visitors must make time to visit the butter cow which is a cow sculpted completely from butter. For the young or the young at heart the 10 acre midway will be sure to please. No other fair has the food classes that the Iowa State Fair offers. They have more than 900 different classes. The fair is also home to the state's largest art show. After you see all that you sure will be very hungry. It's time to eat with over 600 vendors offering food on a stick. Also be prepared for one of the truly great foods when one tries the fried pork tenderloin sandwich located near the horse barn.

After lunch campers with a small RV will be sure to want to visit all the livestock. Besides the normal livestock classes the Iowa State Fair features classes for rabbits, pigeons, cats and dogs. One unusual contest held each year is the animals that are the heaviest. These contests are held for pigs, sheep, cows, rabbits and pigeons. Look out for the rubber spiders that the kids love to place over the rafters in the old barns and drop on the unsuspecting visitor.

If you are looking for even more fun then you can try participating in some of the truly weird contests held during the fair from sheep shearing to wood chopping. Many of these contests can be entered on the day of the contest. For those who are not quite as adventurous many free entertainment events are held each year at the fair. Campers with a small RV will want to visit Heritage Village located at the fairgrounds. Visitors will be able to step back in time as they visit a general store, a barber shop, and a depot. Visitors can also find the latest gadgets on sale at numerous buildings located around the fairgrounds. The fair also has wonderful drag races and name entertainment each year.
Campers with a small RV will be delighted that the Iowa State Fair has its own campground. The fair last almost two weeks and it will take two weeks to see the fair well.