Small RV Travel Fun In Indiana

Indiana is sometimes called the RV (Recreational Vehicle) capitol of the world. Over one hundred RV manufacturers are located in Elkhart County, Indiana. There are tours that you can take through the RV factories. Be sure to wear sensible shoes. Most manufacturers will not allow visitors to wear open toed, or high heeled shoes for safety reasons. Among the "must see" places to visit is the RV/MH (Manufactured Home) Heritage Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. The displays include RVs and MH from the 1920's to present day. It is interesting to see the many changes that the RVs undergone over the past ninety years as well as how much has stayed the same. It is a good idea to call ahead and book your tours as sometimes the factories close during holidays.

If you want to take your RV and go exploring there are a number of motoring tours around the state. One of the most popular is the Heritage Trail which covers ninety miles. This scenic route takes you through the Amish towns and countryside. You will be able to shop in the local stores and sample the home cooking, admire the hand stitched quilts, and listen to the musicians playing their handmade instruments. This is only one of the many scenic tourist routes that can be traveled in Indiana.

Basically, there are two kinds of RVs, motorized and towed. Among the towed are the travel trailers that are hitched to the back of a pickup. Toy haulers are compact and are towed behind a pickup or a car. The fifth-wheel is hitched in the middle of the truck bed. The fold down (sometimes called the popup) is also towed behind the truck or car. The trailer gives the advantage that it can be parked at the campground and detached from the truck. The family can then use the truck for nearby sightseeing without towing the trailer everywhere.

The motorized RV is driven much like any pickup. The class A is more like a bus and is too expensive for the average person. The small RV's, however, have many of the same amenities and are just as comfortable and are more reasonably priced. The motorized small RV is easier to maneuver in heavy traffic, and fits in a standard parking space. The cab over gives an extra sleeping compartment and it is mounted over the driver's cab.