Small RV Travel Fun In Hawaii

There are many beautiful places thought out the United States to visit and explore. From Maine to California, America has many beautiful and scenic sites to see, places to travel to and view. But the most beautiful place to visit and explore is the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii's big island and its surround smaller islands are all diamonds in the rough and have many secrets that await those who want to find them.

One way to really explore the islands of Hawaii is obviously by traveling in a vehicle and driving from place to place. If you really want to bring a husband and wife or couple closer together so to speak, then camping while exploring the islands is an excellent way to do this. And to really enjoy the drive, then make it a real adventure by traveling in a small RV.

One of the smaller and nicer islands, Maui is especially friendly towards the use of small RV campers as you explore its many treasures. When renting a small RV camper such as a model made by Volkswagen, you will find the same amenities that you would find on a full sized RV such as a sleeping area, and a cooking area just on a smaller scale. While larger RV's are not exactly popular on the islands, a smaller RV allows you to travel along many of the smaller and narrower roads that are found on the island.

There are many attractions to enjoy in Maui and getting to them in an RV is just half the fun. Take a tour of an active volcano and leave Maui behind as you hop on a Piper Chieftain and head to the big island. You'll fly past Haleakala as you head toward the big island, crossing the Alenuihaha Channel and fly over such areas as the breath taking Akaka Falls, and the Kohala cliffs. And that is after you have flown over Kilauea and taken a look at the active volcano...from a relatively safe distance of course. How about taking an excursion on a boat for a whale watch! Step aboard a catamaran and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you embark on your adventure with the Pacific Whale Foundation and not only get to see Humpback whales, but you will also be able to actually hear them due to special underwater hydrophones. And the best part is that at the end of your exciting day, you can drive back to a campsite such as Haleakala National Park, and the Kipahulu Campground and relax in comfort and style and get ready for another day of adventure in Maui.