Small RV Travel Fun In Arkansas

Those going camping with a small RV should be sure and visit Hot Springs Arkansas. Hot Springs is known for its healing warm water always 147 degrees. The area has several spas that are rated by fellow travelers as being fabulous. Then visitors should be ready to take on their camping buddies for some miniature golf at Pirate's Cove 2 award winning courses. The next stop should be the Alligator Park and Petting Zoo. Make sure and find out what time the feeding time is and be there at that time for the best visit. They also have monkeys and mountain lions. If you have kids in your group they will be sure to enjoy the petting zoo.

Those with children will also want to be sure and include a trip to Funtrackers on their itinerary. This is a small amusement park without the crowds of a larger facility so you get more time to play. They have go carts, bumper boats, an arcade, and miniature golf with a volcano that shoots out real fire.

Campers with a small RV will want to visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Eureka Springs is known as the home of the longest running passion play in the nation. Visitors will want to make sure and leave time while visiting the passion play to visit the Old Testament Village. They will also want to leave time to visit the Potter's Wheel presentation. Visitors to the passion play will also want to visit the section of the Berlin Wall located there. Inscribed on it are the words of Psalms 23. While there visitors will also want to make sure and visit the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa for the nightly ghost hunt in this hotel built in 1886. Campers may also want to consider a ride on the Belle of the Ozarks. The boat offers an outstanding visit to Beaver Lake and you can take a dinner cruise.

Walking through downtown Eureka Springs is a trip back in time filled with wonderful architecture and many small shops selling everything imaginable.
Campers with a small RV will surely be delighted with a visit to Arkansas. It is a state of many varied things from natural beauty to bigger city. Rather you are looking for a chance to shop in quaint shops or are looking for a more lively time the state will not disappoint for a great time.