Small RV Travel Fun In Arizona

From sun baked deserts to the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the U. S., Arizona owns it all. The diversity of landscape and temperature zones makes Arizona a great destination for small RV travel. Arizona's history is rich and spans everything from prehistoric animals and ancient cave dwellers to breakthroughs in scientific endeavors. The state is an RVer's dream come true. From its southern border to its northern border and everywhere in between, the state has RV destinations for everyone.

The Grand Canyon, considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is located in Grand Canyon National Park in the northwest corner of Arizona. The views are awe-inspiring. Activities include everything from whitewater rafting to mule ride tours to the canyon bottom. If RVing, in the Williams area, the Grand Canyon Railway offers rides from Williams to the Grand Canyon. This is a vintage train and the price of the ticket includes a "train robbery".

Located just an hour's drive from Tucson in the southern part of Arizona is Mt. Lemon. Located in the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Mount Lemon Ski Valley is the southernmost ski area in the U.S. The area has several campgrounds that accommodate the small RV and feature activities ranging from horseback riding to fishing.

The western side of Arizona features Hoover Dam and Lake Meade (Lake Meade is actually a reservoir created by the construction of Hoover Dam). Built in the 1930s, it is still considered an engineering feat today. Foot tours of the dam are available as well as helicopter tours for the eagle's eye view of the dam and lake. And, on the eastern side of the state, is the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. The badland hills and buttes of the Painted Desert appear to have been stroked by an artist with a color pallet of reds, pinks, grays and oranges with lavender thrown in for good measure. Enter the Petrified Forest and view history. Petrified logs to fossils of giant reptiles have been found in this forest.

A little to the north of Phoenix lies Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and Flagstaff. Sedona is known for its natural red rock formations and vortexes (areas of spiraling spiritual energy). Oak Creek Canyon is one of Arizona's best displays of nature's fall color pageant. Flagstaff sits on the western side of the Ponderosa Pine forest and is home to the famous Lowell Observatory.

Arizona is tourist friendly and a great destination for the small RV traveler.