Small RV Travel Fun In Alaska

A family trip to Alaska is an extraordinary vacation, and getting there in a small RV is a very popular choice. It allows the visitor to explore many of the scenic attractions in the 49th state without the need to plan the trip around hotel locations. The luxury of seeing the sights on a flexible schedule makes for a more comfortable vacation, and there are plenty of campgrounds and parks designed for overnight use by recreational vehicles.

The visitor to Alaska has a number of travel options when driving a small RV. Several major highways run northward and allow for easy connection to the Alaska Highway in British Columbia. Along these routes are a great number of campsites that allow overnight stays in recreational vehicles. The Alaska Highway itself will take the visitor through the Yukon Territory and into Alaska, where state routes intersect and can be followed to most of the popular tourist destinations.

Travelers driving a small RV to Alaska can also take advantage of the state's marine highway system. The state ferry system is an exciting way to bring a vehicle into the 49th state and at the same time enjoy the scenic Inside Passage. Ferries depart from Bellingham, WA and Prince Rupert, B.C., and an RV can very easily be accommodated on these large vessels. At the northern terminus of the marine highway route, the visitor can access the Alaskan interior by road, either from Haines or Skagway.

The Alaska Highway can be followed northward to Fairbanks, or the visitor can drive a small RV west along the Glenn Highway to Anchorage. From Anchorage, visitors can drive north along the magnificent George Parks Highway to Denali National Park. In all major Alaskan communities there are numerous RV parks and campgrounds that can handle larger vehicles. All have modern facilities such as dump stations and water/electrical hookups. Travelers wishing to drive a recreational vehicle to the 49th state should make reservations for marine transport well in advance, and contact the tourist bureau for a complete listing of RV park locations. There are also yearly publications written especially for tourists coming to Alaska by RV and are available at bookstores throughout the country.

At trip to Alaska is quite memorable, and driving a small RV makes it all the more enjoyable because the sheer number of destinations the visitor can reach. Tourists can take in the attractions on their own schedule while staying in a comfortable motor home.