RV Camping at Casinos

By William Smith

There's nothing that will spark the interest of RVers like the prospect of free overnight parking. Places such as Wal-Mart parking lots, and truck stops, are well known freebies, and if you are on the move in your RV, enlarging your list of possible free overnight camping locations will increase your options. What is especially encouraging is that Casinos as a whole are RV friendly.

Even though Rvers are gradually gaining awareness of the free parking possibilities at Casinos, it is not a well-known option. Many states permit Casino operations to one degree or another. I consider Casino RV parking to be an under utilized resource.

Although I have never been inside a Casino, and have zero interest in gambling, I have no personal objections to parking on their lot, and enjoying a meal at their restaurant. If you have moral objections to gambling, then this may not be the parking opportunity for you.

You'll find that most Casinos will allow free overnight parking and some limit your stay to a few days. A few Casinos require that you be a customer in order to park; not an unreasonable requirement. There are some Casinos that allow no overnight parking, or require that you park at their adjoining RV campground at their regular nightly rates. You'lll also find a few Casinos that offer free dump stations, and even a few that offer hookups on site.

Locating Casinos is not as simple as one would think. I have prepared a list of a few hundred with names, addresses and telephone numbers, and posted the list at my website. Keep in mind when reading this list that a few of the entries are not Casinos at all. Some states permit a limited number of slot machines in a business and then the establishment adds the word Casino to their business name. Many of these business are bars with a few slot machines and do not have the parking space to accommodate an RV. Simply call ahead to avoid embarrassment and wasted time.

Add Casino parking to your list of free RV camping places. Stop at a Casino, enjoy the food, and entertainment for a couple of hours, then head on to your next destination after you have had a good night's rest.

About the Author: William Smith has lived and traveled full-time in an RV for over twelve years. Visit HappyVagabonds.com for more information about free RV parking at Casinos

Source: www.isnare.com