The Wagan Twin USB / DC Car Adapter – A Great Bargain and Fine Performance

Wagan-Twin-USBThe Wagan Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter is a great buy. I especially consider this adapter to be a bargain since I once bought a single USB car lighter adapter that cost the same amount The Wagan Twin adapter conveniently fits in the car's cup holder, and it has the additional advantage of including two DC outlets and two USB ports. All four adapters on my Wagan Twin function seamlessly.

I did not expect the adapter to sit as low in the cup holder as it does. The ad promoting this product makes it appear taller, but it will be just about even with the top of your cup-holder. If your vehicle has both a larger and a smaller cup holder, this unit will fit in the smaller standard-size holder. In my car, the smaller cup holder is the one nearer the center armrest and farther from the control panel.

There are four LED indicator lights, indicating the number of accessories that can be charged with this adapter. This useful "Battery Level Indicator" supplement has "HIGH," "MID," "12V," and "LOW" indicators.

This adapter is designed to work with standard 12V and 24V DC appliances. The unit contains a fuse in case you overload it, but I have had no problems with it blowing out to this point.

There are some considerations to take into account.

The product does have a few minor shortcomings. For one, it has a comparatively short lighter cable. That's no problem if it's plugged into the control panel's DC outlet. More recent vehicles also often have DC outlets located in the armrest console storage area. In my car, the adapter's cord just barely reached the outlet in the storage compartment. This means that the cord might be too short to be plugged in for larger cars and SUVs. With deeper storage compartments, it may not be possible to use that outlet to power the Wagan Twin.

Also, the two DC adapters are almost too deep in the unit. That could allow car accessories with shorter plugs to go in so far that they lose electrical contact.

Another drawback is that the USB adapters are not perfectly parallel. Although metal separates them, a composite material encloses the USB pins. Great care must be taken when inserting the USB cables to avoid damaging either the connector or the adapter.

Here are some concluding thoughts.

The Wagan Twin USB / DC Car Adapter is definitely a good unit, although it has some minor drawbacks. I still give my support to this adapter over others I have used in view of the bargain price and the satisfactory product performance. It's a big plus to have the additional adapter plugs ready to use to keep all your accessories and electronics charged up.