Swagman 2 Bike RV Bumper Rack

The Swagman 2 Bike RV bumper rack is "the rack" to use for transporting your bikes. Made of solid steel construction, it is capable of carrying 2 bikes at about 30lbs. each. This ideal bike rack should be used with a bumper that is 4 to 4.5 inches. There is also a 2 inch bumper adapter that can be bought separately. It is suggested that the bumper of your recreational vehicle be of steel and continuously welded.

Installing the Swagman 2 bike RV bumper rack is done very quickly and easily. Once you place the carrier frames and stabilizer post on the bumper of your RV, attach them with the u-bolts, lock washers, and nuts that are included. Now you are ready to secure your bikes and head out. However, bungees or rope to secure your bikes to the stabilizer post are not included and will need to be purchased. If you travel quite a bit with your bikes you will need to periodically check the u-bolts, washers, and nuts.

When traveling with bikes that you don't want scratched, you may want to cover the frame, pedals, or handle bars. This also keeps your towing vehicle from being scratched as well. Although the Swagman 2 bike bumper rack is durable and strong, it is rated to only carry a maximum of 60lbs. Because of this you will not be able to carry motorized vehicles, heavy downhill bikes, or tandem bikes. Also, it is best to reverse the direction of the two bikes on the platform while you are carrying them. Affordable and built with quality, the Swagman 2 bike RV bumper rack will prove itself to be very functional and so simple to use. Traveling and getting your bikes to the great outdoors is no longer a hassle or headache.