Do I Need An RV Solar Battery Charger?

RV Solar Power PanelPeople across the whole United States enjoy getting away from it all by taking retreats that include traveling all over the country and camping in their RV's every single year. Although RV campsites do offer affordable power access points to supply power to your RV, you could avoid paying for this service and always have power even if you're not at a campsite if you can have your own source of receiving power.

Americans loves RV's simply because they are a wonderful means of transportation with all the comforts of home while you are on vacation, camping, or just escaping reality for a little while. Even though the power necessary to run RV's aren't that much and you can gain access to power at campsites, you could save money on these services and always have electricity even when not at a campsite if you invest in your own source of power.

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The most effective way to receive power for your RV is by using solar power. Once you have purchased and installed your means of solar power, you will be receiving free power that is safe for the planet.

Solar power uses solar panels which are an accumulation of solar cells which are called photovoltaic cells. Although the standard voltage output for photovoltaic cells is 12V, they are also available in a variety of sizes producing different voltages.

It is important that you figure out how much power your RV uses before you choose which size or voltage output you will need. A 330 watt cell will need to be installed if your RV is pretty big. The solar panels, which are made up of three 110 watt panels, are permanently positioned on the roof of your RV. A 110 watt solar panel, along with a good RV solar batter charger, would be sufficient for a smaller sized RV. Two 110 watt panels that supply 220 watts altogether would work well for RV's that fit into the medium sized category.

The batteries to your RV will be used as a connection point for the charge controller which connects the 12V power from the solar cells. In order to keep the batteries from over charging, the charge controller manages the voltage being given off. You will receive free charges for your batteries and free power for you RV during the daytime hours when the sun is shining on the solar panels. The engine to your RV won't have to work as hard when you are traveling during the day because the solar panels will actually charge your batteries while you are driving and will contribute to your gas mileage. The very roof of the RV is where the solar panels will be placed. You don't have to worry about having to use more gas because they are very light in weight.

RVMaxx is a distributor that offers solar power RV kits. RVMaxx offers kits up to 330 watts. There are a list of things that come with the kit.

The first things are three 110W solar modules.

Three pieces of flat mount hardware are included.

A 35 amp charge controller is included in the kit.

34 feet of 8-2 output wire is included (8 ft used for module interconnection, 6 ft for battery connection controller, and 20 ft for solar group to controller connection.) Please note that battery clamps and connection lugs are not included with the kit.

A combiner box with breakers is included in the kit.

Also included is DC disconnect with breakers.

You are probably wondering how much this awesome kit costs.

The entire 110 watt RV solar batter charger kit will be in the neighborhood of $900.

You will pay $1800 for a 220 watt RV solar battery charger kit.

You can purchase a 330 watt RV solar battery charger kit for around $250.