Classic Accessories 76240 RV Wheel Covers

Most people who love their RV are not in it full time. There are many days and perhaps even months out of each year when the RV just sits next to the house waiting for the next trip. Did you ever consider what the weather and sun are doing to your tires while they simply sit? Even full timers have long stops where the RV simply sits for days or perhaps weeks on end. What can you do to protect your tires?

Classic Accessories has the answer for you. Their 76240 RV Wheel Covers that will fit wheel diameters from 26.75 inches to 29 inches is the protection for which you have been looking. This is not a one size fits all cover. Classic Accessories 76240 RV Wheel Covers come in individual sizes from 26.75 inches to 29 inches. The size is plainly marked on each package so you can custom fit to your wheels. Each package contains two wheel covers.

The wheel covers easily slip over the tires giving you lasting protection from the weather and especially the sun. They are made of a vinyl material that is both water proof and water resistant. That means if they get wet, which they will in the rain, they will not soak up the water and keep your tires wet until the next sunny day.

You know what extended periods of unuse can do to most RV tires; dry rot. This is nearly always true of tires that are not carrying any weight because of leveling chocks. Once the chocks are removed and the unit is lowered with its full weight on the tires, there are cracks and fissures and the tires go flat. Classic Accessories 76240 RV Wheel Covers can help with this problem. Check them out and see for yourself today.