Classic Accessories 70663 PolyPro III Deluxe Class A RV Cover

When I am not traveling, I'm covered with a Classic 70663 Well, I finally broke down and bought the 32 foot Class A Motor Home I have wanted for the last 25 years. On my annual camping trips I rented, borrowed and even begged from my Dad a motor home to make my yearly trek. Now that I am only months from retirement, I have cashed in some of the equity in my home to buy the motor home that I always dreamed of owning. I kept to my budget of spending less than $100,000 and didn't have to scratch any of the essentials that I wanted.

There is a queen bed, full leather interior, power everything, microwave, fridge, external cameras, exterior wash station, entertainment center and special gun racks. I have taken it on the highway and it cruises at 70 with no slowing up most hills. It is easy to park and handle in tighter places. I am in love with this rig.

My shopping list for accessories is long and expensive. Since this will be my home away from home for the next 20 years or so, I really don't care. If I need it, like it and can afford it, I will buy it.
Since I live in Michigan, the one thing I absolutely had to buy was a good cover. I couldn't afford to build a garage for my motor home, so this is the next best thing. After shopping on line for weeks, I found the Classic Accessories 70663 PolyPro IIi Deluxe Calss A RV Cover. This cover had everything I wanted. There were zippered panels for the front, entrance side, engine and side storage. There are tension panels in the front and rear to make a snug fit. It also has air vents that greatly reduce wind lofting and interior moisture. Putting it on was a snap with the elastic on the bottom corners. It even had a rear ladder cap and tie-down rope included. Most importantly, there was a storage bag when I have to put the cover away.

I am now ready to head out on the highway and enjoy the summer with the knowledge that next winter my new Class A will be safely covered from the snow, birds and other flying debris.