Camco Olympian RV 4100 Tabletop Grill

The Ultimate Grill For Recreational Vehicle Owners

Camping enthusiasts know that one of the most important parts of camping is the food. There are many ways to prepare great food while camping. Many people who own recreational vehicles choose to use grills to prepare their food instead of the RV's stove. One of the most popular choices these enthusiasts use is the Camco 57301 Olympian RV 4100 Tabletop Grill.

The Camco 57301 Olympian RV 4100 Tabletop Grill is one of the most popular choices for many reasons. One reason is the grill's size. It is a relatively small grill that is easily stored and moved. It is also much lighter than many other propane grills on the market. The Camco grill weighs around 25 pounds while larger grills can weigh hundreds of pounds. This grill is also compatible with commercial grade propane tanks as it's larger competitors. It is also compatible with disposable propane tanks. This versatility allows the user to only carry the amount of propane that will be needed. It also features a smoker plate which reduces the changes of grease fires while cooking.

The Camco Tabletop Grill also costs less than other propane grills. Many propane grills costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. The Camco can be purchased for under $200. It can often be purchased for under $100 depending on the retailer's discounts and other sales.

There are many advantages to purchasing this light weight and versatile grill. There are also some disadvantages too. The main disadvantage is the size of the grill. However this is not an issue for small families or individual people. Many times consumers find the many advantages out weigh the minor disadvantages. This is especially true for recreational vehicle owners.