Camco 45192 RV Sunshield Vent Insulator

RVs can often be hard to heat or cool and you are always looking for ways to make their heating and cooling systems more economical and efficient. One of the most inexpensive and effective ways of doing this is by purchasing and installing Camco 45192 RV Sunshield Vent Insulators for all the vents in your RV.

These insulators are made to fit the standard 14 inch RV vent and they will keep out 100 per cent of the sun's harmful rays with their reflective surface. They are long lasting and simple to store while not in use. Velcro tabs are included when you purchase them, but they are often unnecessary since the insulators fit so well even without them. They have a full 3 inches of foam to insure that heat stays in or out. That way your camper or motorhome will stay cooler in the warmer months and warmer in the cooler months.

The Camco vent insulators are very much worth the $10 to $12 price tag usually charged for them. They can save you considerably more in heating and cooling costs when installed in your RV. Be sure to buy one for each vent your RV has. That way you won't lose comfortable inside air, or allow uncomfortable outside air to enter through any unprotected vent.

Solving life's little problems so seldom turns out to be such an easy "fix" and without "breaking the bank". That is why installing these inexpensive and effective insulators will be such a wise decision. There is one other thing. If you are a person who loves to sleep late, that is just one more reason to install the Camco 45192 RV Sunshield Vent Insulator. It will effectively block out the bright, annoying sunlight and keep it from waking you too early in the morning!