Camco 44573 RV Yellow Tri-Leveler

Nothing works right if your Rv is not level. The refrigerator won't run properly, doors won't shut right, and when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you'll stagger like a drunken sailor. It's no fun staying in an unlevel RV. Besides being a pain, it is also hard on the RV's equipment.

There are those who carry chunks of wood around with them to get the RV level. They have wedges, thick pieces of wood, thin pieces of wood, and at some campsites you can see RV's parked precariously on top of these wood piles just to get level. When it rains the wood gets wet and slippery and crumbly and will eventually rot and become useless. Of course, the most critical size piece of wood will be the one that snaps and breaks as you are trying to level the RV.

There is an easier way. The Camco 44573 RV Yellow Tri-Leveler is designed for RV leveling. Made of durable resin, you can simply wash it off and towel dry it after use so it won't mess up your RV storage compartment like wet wood. The Camco 44573 RV Yellow Tri-Leveler is lightweight and easy to handle. As the name implies, there are three "steps" or stages to the tri-leveler so you can stop at whichever one levels the unit best. Each Camco 44573 RV Yellow Tri-Leveler will hold up to 3500 pounds. It is also non-slippery even when wet. Best of all, the Camco 44573 RV Yellow Tri-Leveler can raise each tire up to three and seven eights inches for a more perfect leveling job.

Isn't it time to stop messing around with all that wood and those wedges? Take a look at the Camco 44573 RV Yellow Tri-Leveler. You'll be a happier camper.