Camco 44492 RV Super Wheel Chock

The Camco 44492 RV Super Wheel Chock is a very reasonably priced alternative to searching for rocks or blocks of wood while trying to set up your campsite. These wheel chocks are incredibly durable, lightweight, and easy to store in your RV for years of repeated use. We purchased ours before a two month trip around the United States. My wife and I both realized, the Camco 44492 Super Wheel Chock was not only more visually pleasing, but it was also safer than rocks or random pieces of wood.

Several years ago, my wife and I were camping in the Rocky Mountains, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We arrived at our campsite around two in the morning. We decided to go ahead and get the camper set up, regardless of the time. As usual, we didn't have any wheel chocks to secure the camper. As my wife and I searched the surrounding area, we found a couple of rocks and decided that would be enough. That was a huge mistake. As my wife and I finished setting up the RV, we stepped inside, only to have the camper twist and fall on its tongue. That never would have happened, had we already purchased a set of Camco 44492 RV Super Wheel Chocks.

Of all the RV and camping equipment I have purchased in the past, the Camco 44492 Super Wheel Chock was by far, the smartest. These are the wheel chocks you will still have twenty years from now because they're durable enough to last a lifetime. I've seen plenty of other wheel chocks, but the Camco 44492 Super Wheel Chock is the most superior of them all. Last year, an old friend wanted to borrow our wheel chocks because he had just purchased a new RV. I had to laugh when my wife said no. She is convinced our camper will fall over without them.