Camco 43961 RV Wall-Mount Trash Can

The Camco 43961 RV Wall Mount trash can is a perfect addition to your RV kitchen. As all RVers know, space inside our mobile homes on wheels is at a premium. Any product that serves a necessary purpose and doesn't take up any floor space is a must have. This product is well made and certainly saves space with its compact design.

The Camco 43961 RV Wall Mount trash can fits the bill perfectly. The durable and attractive waste can will mount on any flat surface with the included mounting kit. A perfect place if your cabinet configuration allows it is the mount the can on the inside of a cabinet door. If not, any place on the wall is perfect. Think about where you need to dispose of things when mounting the trash can. Somewhere around the food prep area or the table is a good place for mounting. If you purchase 2 another good place for mounting is in the bathroom. It is easy to install with the mounting kit or can even be attached with self adhesive strips if you would prefer.

The Camco 43961 RV Wall Mount trash can features a swing top lid that will keep trash hidden from view and will help keep odors from disposed food out of the living area. It uses small kitchen bags for liners and provides enough space to not have to empty it every time you turn around.

Another wonderful use for this product is actually on the outside of the RV. If you have a barbecue grill that attaches to the side of your RV like I do you are always having to step back inside to throw away something when you are cooking. Mounting the Camco 43961 RV Wall Mount trash can on the side of the camper next to grill provides a handy receptacle for any trash you generate while cooking. In my case I attached some velcro strips on the side of the RV and the can. With these attachments the unit can easily be removed when you're not cooking or when you pack up to go home.