Camco 43511 RV Mini Dish Drainer & Tray

What is one of the major things that most RV owners find to be a scarce resource when traveling? Having sufficient storage space is almost the universal answer, so it is definitely a wise purchase when a great product comes along that provides the lasting usefulness of Camco's 43511 RV Mini Dish Drainer and Tray.

It comes as no surprise that Camco's engineers have sized this to be a perfect fit for your RV's sink. They have a long history of creating innovative products for RV traveling, and this dish drainer and tray is rugged with heavy-duty construction. The clever design features a handle on the front in order to easily lift it in and out of the RV's sink.

The main purpose is to store your wet dishes and allow them to naturally dry. Having a better option than disposable paper products is great for the environment and saves money. And most RV owners will appreciate using regular dishes and utensils instead of the paper products that always seem more prone to spills and accidents.

The unit also has four knobs on the tray to keep it stable on the counter, and the sloped drain tray design channels the drain water to your sink. This helps keep even the tightest counters dry. Up to eight light cups and glasses will fit along the outside, and there are two utensil holders.

And after you are finished drying the utensils, glasses and dishes, the drain tray is made to snap onto the rack's top. This gives you a handy storage container, and in most cases the RV owner can always find something useful to store there. Some RV owners have mentioned the unit is just the right size to fit in their oven when they are in transit.

Camco has certainly created another winner with their 43511 RV Mini Dish Drainer and Tray. It works to increase the convenience of cleaning up after meals, allows you to dispense with paper products and is compact and easy to store. The rugged design and construction will last and provide years of useful service.