Camco 42880 RV 6′ x 9′ Green Reversible Awning Leisure Mat

If you're tired of mud, leaves, and dirt being tracked into your RV then the Camco 42880 RV 6' x 9' Green Reversible Awning Leisure Mat might be just what you are looking for to solve the problem.

This mat is constructed of long lasting mildew resistant material, can be reversed, and has a design that is woven to enable snow, dirt, and rain to drain through it. The grommets are resistant to rusting and ground stakes are included with your purchase so the mat can be anchored and kept in one spot. You will find the mat is very well made and has edges that are reinforced to prevent fraying and keep it looking neat. It will definitely reduce the amount of dirt carried into your camper or motorhome on the feet of you or your visitors.

The Camco leisure mat can be cleaned very easily with soap and water and it is light weight and easy to handle. So many other mats are very heavy and cumbersome when they become wet, but not so with this mat. Because the water drains right through it, the mat stays dry and is great for placing outside the door of your RV.

Usually selling somewhere in the $40 to $60 range, depending on where you buy it, this mat is very reasonably priced and the generous size makes it a real bargain. Six feet by nine feet gives ample space for more than one person to move about.

When it comes time to put the mat away, it has its own storage bag and it folds neatly and easily for placement into the bag. It is compact and doesn't take a lot of space to store. This feature is always a plus when it comes to RVs.

Although it is usually purchased for use with a camper or motorhome, it is very versatile and can be used on a deck, as a beach mat, or for picnics. It is not surprising that many who purchase the mat will end up purchasing a second one, too.