Camco 40283 RV Green Disposable Dump Glove – 50 Pair

We've all been there. Dumping the tanks on your RV is usually a simple job. Hook the hose up, pull the handles, wait until it's done, then you're done. However, everything doesn't work quite right sometimes.

In my case, I was in a hurry and didn't get the hose attached quite right. It wasn't a disaster and didn't get a 'shower of sadness' but it was still a mess. This scenario is where the Camco RV Green Disposable Dump Gloves come in handy.

These are lightweight disposable plastic gloves that are easy to use and keep something between your skin and the necessary but sometimes gross parts of rving. They come in a package of 50. Latex free and powder free they will not irritate your hands. They are easy to slip on and one size fits all. They do a good job of providing grip even when things are a little damp and slippery.

Keep a package in the storage compartment where you keep your sewer fittings. A package will last quite some time. Use them every time you have to handle anything to do with your sewer. They are useful for hooking up the sewer when you pull into your site and unhooking when you're ready to leave. Use them when it's time to dump or even if you don't have full hookups and have to use a portable tank.

They are also useful for other things around the RV. Use them when putting raw hamburger or chicken on the grill. This will prevent you from having to walk back inside and wash your hands. I also use them to fill up our tiki torches. No matter how careful I am I always end up with some citronella fluid on my hands. This keeps the smell and mess off my hands.

This product is useful in many ways. In the handy package they will fit anywhere. Use them anytime you don't want to get whatever you're dealing with on your hands. Handy little things like this make the RVing lifestyle just that much more enjoyable and will help make your trip more fun.