RV Accessories

There are a few items that can make travel life in your small RV much more pleasant, items we refer to as must haves.
Anything that maximizes space in your small RV helps the overall design, but there are still a few must haves.

A patio awning extends your living space outside of your small RV. A vinyl mat for flooring and some lawn chairs can provide a pleasant atmosphere on a hot summer evening.

An air conditioning unit is another must have option for your small RV.

Slide out options such as hidden beds and side panel pop out units extend to provide much needed extra living space in your small RV. Definitely must haves.

What about reducing the amount of trash you have to transport in your small RV? A trash compacter is one of those must have items that you may not even consider until you've had your trash bin over flow a day or two into your trip.

Storage space is at a premium in your small RV, and even here we can recommend a few must have items to maximize space. Closet conversion kits can add shelf space in small RVs and eliminate wasted space for hanging clothes. Most RVers dress casually, and can store more clothing on multiple shelving units.

Smaller RV units can really be improved with these must have options. We recommend you make a list of your own must haves before going shopping for your own small RV.