The Roadtrek 190 Versatile – A Great (Very) Small RV

If you're looking for a vehicle that can provide comfort and all the amenities you want on the road or close to home, this is it! The Roadtrek Versatile really lives up to its name. There are not that many vehicles on the market that so easily fit the role of roomy camper, and around town family-hauler.

Versatile on the Trail

It looks like a van, drives like a van, and seats seven people like a van. So isn't it a van? No! Well, not entirely anyway. The Roadtrek 190 is based off of a Chevy van. This means that when you're driving it, you don't have the hassles of maneuvering something as big as a motor home, or as unwieldy as a trailer. But the Roadtrek has all the amenities of a larger vehicle, including 4-wheel drive on some models.190-versatile-ext

The Versatile not only has a plethora of chairs and sleeping space, it also includes a shower (indoor or out), a kitchen, and a flat screen TV with surround sound. This is a great choice for traveling, especially if you're on the road often. You can just imagine the money you'll save by cooking your own meals while on the road, not to mention the bellyaches caused by the greasy roadside food you'll avoid. Also, you always have your own bathroom. No more using truck stops. One of the best perks to this vehicle is that you literally take your room with you. You don't have to rent an expensive hotel room, or crash on your relative's couch! There is even a room in the back, so you can separate the back from the front, giving everyone a little more privacy.

Versatile at Home

So the Roadtrek 190 is a great travel vehicle. That's pretty clear. But the problem with your average RV is that when you're not traveling, it sits in your garage, taking up space. Or worse, you have to pay to store it away from your home. Not the case with the Versatile. Again, the Versatile saves you from one more bill!

The Versatile makes just as good of an around-town family vehicle as it does a travel van. This is especially true if you have many kids who are in sports or other activities where you have to have plenty of storage space for their equipment. If you're waiting for your kids to get out of their event, or waiting for your spouse to finish up with the shopping, you now have a TV to watch, or a bed to sprawl on to catch up on some sleep. Or, if you own your own business, you have a portable office! While you're waiting, whip out your computer and do some work on the couch or at the dinette.

Versatile All Around

The Roadtrek 190 Versatile is a wonderful vehicle to add to your life. It provides great mobility without being a gas-guzzler. You can take it across the country, or use it in your home city, and everything in between. Few vehicles give that kind of freedom and are useful almost all of time. Look into the Versatile, and see what kind of improvements it can make in your life.