Roadtrek SS-Ideal

As of late, the Roadtrek SS-Ideal is by far one of the newest, most innovative models on the market. It is currently the only model in the industry that comes with a rear slide-out door. In 2009 is when this Class B Camper Van was finally released. The Mercedes-built Short Sprinter 144" wheelbase is what the Roadtrek SS-Ideal is based off of, and the same with the Agile, it is 19 and a half feet long. Speaking of the Agile, the same side fact applies to the SS-Ideal, the last thing you want to do is underestimate its compact size and (or) allow it to fool you. The Ideal is on the same level (if not) pass the standard conversion van for several reasons, but the most recognizable is its ability to offer nearly all of the features that come within motorhomes that are fully equipped. In addition to what makes the SS-Ideal so appealing to all, there is no way any review of the SS-Ideal can or should forget to add great fuel economy to the list of positives.

Taking your first steps inside of the SS-Ideal will allow you to finally witness the industry's innovative rear slide out door. This first and only feature that comes only in the SS-Ideal will allow you to have the luxury of being able to drive and park a car less than 20 feet long. In addition to that, it also adds an extra three feet for living space whenever you are parked at your location.

This extra space is what gives the SS-Ideal the means to provide a bigger fridge, a larger bathroom and a lot more storage. When it comes to seating, it is able to seat four and sleeps two. Your next road trip will be that much better if to drive the SS-Ideal.