Roadtrek 170 Popular RV

When we talk about Roadtrek 170 RV we talk about luxury. We talk about the joy of riding that is so comfortable that we forget that we are traveling. There is a feel at home comfort factor associated with Roadtrek 170 RV. This is due to the fact that Roadtrek has set some minimum standards for all it models which makes traveling a joy.

To start with Roadtrek 170 RV is fully air conditioned, recessed with heat pumps that ensures complete and effective cooling of the whole vehicle whether it is the back or it is the front. There is a separate bathroom provided in every vehicle which is not less than the bathroom of your home. The bathroom has a stand up shower that can give hot water too as the vehicle is also supplied with a heater that can heat up to 5 gals of water at a single time. There are separate water tanks that provide water for various purposes.

Well now let us come to the kitchen part. The kitchen has the most advanced technologies that human beings have seen until now. It is provided with a BBR propane connection that ensures minimum fuel consumption and minimum emission of gases. A separate furnace is also provided in the kitchen for those of you who love baked and roasted food products. There are stoves and the fuel capacity of the LP tank is approximately 10 gals. To add to the list of features provided in the Roadtrek 170 RV it has a micro wave oven and a refrigerator also. The sinks that are provided are properly covered to ensure proper sanitation. The most exclusive feature which I liked about Roadtrek 170 RV is that it also has a dining table in the kitchen.

Now comes the room. The room area is very comfortable. It has a home theater system with 5.1 surround sound, the best that is available in the market today. More over an antenna is connected on top of the vehicle which serves the purpose of providing the cable connection the tv and the gsm system which is used to locate the position and path of the vehicle be it be at any corner of the earth. So those of you out there who are searching for some true pleasure of traveling you should consider a Roadtrek 170 RV as it the best vehicle available in the market today that gives you the true pleasure of riding. So do check it out now.