Roadtrek RVs

Originally Home and Park Motorhomes, Roadtrek Motorhomes was reformed in 1974 with the simple goal of creating a compact camper van style RV with comforts and luxuries of larger RV models.  Over the years, Roadtrek has stayed true to this original goal, continuing to improve in their field of expertise.  Today, statistics provided by the U.S. Recreation Vehicle Industry Association and Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association indicate that Roadtrek is the leading seller of class B motorhomes in North America, a record they have held since 1990.

Roadtrek's Main Advantages

Simply put, Roadtrek RVs are some of the best small RVs on the market today.  At the moment, all Roadtrek RVs are squarely within the class B category of RV, meaning that they all largely resemble extra large vans, and generally rather compact for RVs.

There are a couple of really great advantages to the compact class B, which Roadtrek has become expert at using to their advantage.  First, class B RVs maneuver more like larger vans than the larger classes.  Class A and C RVs often feel more like driving a bus than a personal vehicle.  This makes class B motorhomes relatively comfortable for new RV owners, who often aren't used to driving oversized vehicles for any significant length of time.  They also tend to be a bit more economic than the larger models, often costing signficantly less and getting better gas mileage than the larger classes.

While Roadtrek certainly takes advantage of the significant benefits class B RVs offer, they also bring quite a few innovations of their own that can help minimize the class's disadvantages.  Often, class B RVs can feel cramped and claustrophobic, largely because they tend to be smaller than the other classes of RVs.  Unlike many companies that spread around their expertise and have a good grasp of a variety of classes, Roadtrek is able to concentrate solely on their single core competency, giving them much greater experience in creating a comfortable layout that takes full advantage of the limited space available in a class B motorhome.

Final Words

In the end, class B motorhomes aren't for everyone.  Some people don't mind driving a larger vehicle, and for some people the advantages of the larger RV models outweigh the disadvantages the larger vehicles often face.  However, if you're looking for economy and a relatively compact vehicle, you owe it to yourself to check out Roadtrek's models.  Roadtrek might only produce class B motorhomes, but they've got some of the best Class Bs on the market today.