Is it Better to Rent or Own an RV

Is It Better To Rent Or Own An RV?

The question of rental versus owning is a big decision when it comes to RVs. Owning is for a lifetime, but renting has less responsibility.  Is RV owning or renting better?

When you own an RV you may incur a large cost upfront, but save money in the long run. Many times renting an RV for he week can be more expensive then an actual loan payment. If your family does a lot of traveling or is looking into living in an RV, owning is the way to go. This way you save money and know who was the last person to sleep in your bed.

For many people renting is the only option.  One family RV vacation a year is not worth the price of owning, but is definitely worth the price of rental. When you rent RVs, there is no additional cost of upkeep that is associated with RV ownership.

Whether you own or rent an RV, the benefit of using an RV for vacationing are undeniable. The cost of traveling in an RV as opposed to airlines and hotels is less then half for a family of four. The decision of owning or renting an RV for that vacation should be based on your personal usage level.