Vista Cruiser Gulf Stream RV

Vista Cruiser Gulf Stream RV carries a classic line of RV's for your travel adventures. This RV is a deluxe accommodation on wheels. The Vista Cruiser has large windows for passenger and driver, power windows and dual airbags. This RV has so many attractive features, air conditioning and a 7 gallon LP tank.

Living on the road can be exciting but living in and out of a suitcase traveling can get tedious. The Vista Cruiser Gulf Stream RV is your home away from home. Having all of the conveniences of home the Vista is equipped with a range, microwave, refrigerator and sink.

Staying in hotels while you travel is an option but when you travel in your Vista Cruiser and pick a particularly spectacular spot to park there is no urgency to leave. The Vista Cruiser drives great, it is easy to maneuver, and has power steering that practically drives itself.

With the Vista Cruiser Gulf Stream RV you can cook dinner or set up a barbeque any place you choose along the road. This lovely RV is furnished with cabinets, seats, bathroom fixtures and comfortable sleeping areas. Carry food stuffs, eating utensils and other necessities right along with you.

Beautiful fabrics are used in the d├ęcor of all Gulf Stream RV's enjoy a stress free holiday in your home away from home. Finding the time to get a break from your everyday world is difficult but with a Vista Cruiser you can go with a turn of the key. If you like you can even stay packed.

There are so many things you can do with a Vista Cruiser; go fishing, camping, hiking or swimming; just to name a few activities. If you share a passion for traveling you will love driving this beautifully designed RV, travel comfortably in this well built recreational vehicle. Gulf Stream has taken care of all of the complex problems by building a great RV for you to enjoy. Whether you are looking for fall foliage or summer's sunny beaches, traveling in a gorgeous Vista Cruiser Gulf Stream RV is the way you want to take your journey.